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18-02-20 (02:27)   Google pulls alleged UAE spying app ToTok from the Play Store, again (Engadget)
07-02-20 (13:30)   UK government rolls out red carpet for infamous spyware vendor (ZDNet News)
04-02-20 (00:20)   Harvard cancels digital security talk led by spyware-linked lecturer (TheVerge)
31-01-20 (12:15)   FBI launches investigation into Pegasus spyware vendor over US citizen hacks (ZDNet News)
30-01-20 (12:31)   Government spyware company spied on hundreds of innocent people (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
27-01-20 (17:13)   The cost of Avast's Free Antivirus: Companies can spy on your clicks (Mashable)
27-01-20 (16:34)   Avast free antivirus sends browser history to marketers (BetaNews)
10-01-20 (20:58)   Hong Kong Protesters Fear Police Infected Seized Phones With Spyware (Infowars.com)
26-12-19 (21:31)   ToTok, alleged UAE government spyware posing as a chat app, pulled from Play Store (NotebookCheck.net)
27-11-19 (11:01)   Facebook allegedly blocked personal accounts of WhatsApp spyware maker's employees (TNW)
27-11-19 (03:56)   Facebook Sued by Workers at Israeli Spyware Firm Over Blocked Personal Accounts (Gadgets 360)
16-11-19 (11:57)   New WhatsApp Bug Could Have Let Hackers Secretly Install Spyware On Your Devices (The Hacker News)
04-11-19 (07:25)   IT Ministry Said to Have Found Gaps in WhatsApp Reply on Spyware Issue (Gadgets 360)
01-11-19 (06:25)   No Information on India Purchasing Israeli Spyware Pegasus, MHA Says in RTI Reply (Gadgets 360)
31-10-19 (13:45)   WhatsApp sues spyware maker for allegedly hacking phones worldwide (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
31-10-19 (12:56)   WhatsApp Hack: What Is Pegasus Spyware That Allegedly Targeted Indians? (Gadgets 360)
31-10-19 (12:39)   WhatsApp Says Israeli Spyware Used to Target Indian Journalists, Activists (Gadgets 360)
31-10-19 (09:47)   WhatsApp spyware was used to snoop on 2 dozen Indian activists and journalists (Updated) (TNW)
30-10-19 (16:26)   Facebook lawsuit may increase accountability for spyware makers (Digital Trends)
30-10-19 (05:27)   Facebook sues Israeli firm over WhatsApp call exploit attacks (Engadget)
30-10-19 (01:01)   WhatsApp suit says Israeli spyware maker exploited its app to target 1,400 users (Ars Technica)
29-10-19 (23:06)   Israeli Spyware Firm Allegedly Tried to Hack 1,400 WhatsApp Users (PCMag.com)
29-10-19 (22:28)   Facebook sues WhatsApp developer that allegedly put spyware on phones of journalists and political dissidents (Mashable)
29-10-19 (22:12)   Facebook Sues Israeli NSO Spyware Firm For Hacking WhatsApp Users (The Hacker News)
29-10-19 (21:06)   WhatsApp is suing an infamous spyware vendor for allegedly hacking its users (TheVerge)
29-10-19 (20:34)   WhatsApp blames - and sues - mobile spyware maker NSO Group over its zero-day calling exploit (TechCrunch)
24-10-19 (01:44)   Swedish police cleared to deploy spyware against crime suspects (ZDNet News)
14-10-19 (14:01)   Advanced Israeli spyware is targeting Moroccan human rights activists (TNW)
12-10-19 (15:47)   Activists' phones targeted by one of the world's most advanced spyware apps (Ars Technica)
25-09-19 (15:47)   Fake veteran hiring site downloads spyware instead of jobs (Ars Technica)
20-09-19 (18:01)   The ultimate guide to finding and killing spyware and stalkerware on your smartphone (ZDNet News)
11-09-19 (22:23)   Israeli Spyware Firm Adopts Human Rights Policy Amid Abuse Concerns (PCMag.com)
09-09-19 (16:04)   From Spyware to Ninja Cable (Dark Reading)
02-09-19 (07:47)   iPhone spyware campaign reportedly targeted Uyghur Muslims for 2 years (TNW)
31-08-19 (08:00)   Google security crew sheds light on long-running super-stealthy iOS spyware operation (The Register)
30-08-19 (20:46)   Google security crew sheds light long-running iOS spyware operation (The Register)
26-08-19 (21:58)   Apple re-fixes a bug that let users jailbreak iPhones (Engadget)
22-08-19 (15:01)   Open-source spyware bypasses Google Play defenses - twice (TNW)
22-08-19 (13:01)   Open-source spyware makes it on the Google Play Store (ZDNet News)
21-08-19 (11:00)   Stuff like sophisticated government spyware is scary and all - but don't forget, a single .wmv file can pwn you via VLC (The Register)
07-08-19 (14:19)   Hearing voices? Your smoke detector may be spying on you! (BetaNews)
05-08-19 (14:40)   How to Find Spyware Your Employer Installed on Your Computer and What to Do About It (Gizmodo)
26-07-19 (00:33)   Android Spyware Has Ties to Election Interference (Dark Reading)
25-07-19 (12:18)   Russians caught peddling spyware disguised as legit Google and Pornhub apps (TNW)
25-07-19 (09:12)   New Android Spyware Created by Russian Defense Contractor Found in the Wild (The Hacker News)
22-07-19 (12:22)   Pegasus spyware maker has keys to Google, Amazon, Big Tech cloud (SlashGear)
21-07-19 (16:57)   Pegasus spyware can break into users' cloud accounts and steal data (Digital Trends)
20-07-19 (20:09)   Report: NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Can Break Into Cloud Services, Transmit User Data to Server (Gizmodo)
19-07-19 (13:44)   Google cleans out stalker, spyware apps from Play Store (ZDNet News)
19-07-19 (13:18)   NSO Group's WhatsApp spyware can now snoop on your Facebook, Google, and iCloud data too (TNW)
18-07-19 (06:40)   Google Yanks Seven Stalkerware Apps Discovered by Security Researchers From the Play Store (Gizmodo)
10-07-19 (14:44)   New versions of FinFisher mobile spyware discovered in Myanmar (ZDNet News)
10-07-19 (14:43)   Powerful FinSpy Spyware Found Targeting iOS and Android Users in Myanmar (The Hacker News)
06-07-19 (15:14)   China Distributes Spyware at Its Border and Beyond (WIRED)
04-07-19 (14:05)   Chinese border officers are gathering data from tourists' phones with a secret spy app (BetaNews)
03-07-19 (10:12)   China's Border Guards Secretly Installing Spyware App on Tourists' Phones (The Hacker News)
02-07-19 (22:29)   We are shocked to learn oppressive authoritarian surveillance state China injects spyware into foreigners' smartphones (The Register)
02-07-19 (21:12)   Chinese border guards are installing a spyware app on tourists' phones (Digital Trends)
02-07-19 (19:35)   China has been secretly installing spyware on some tourists' Android phones (TheVerge)
02-07-19 (15:10)   UN Draft Text on Digital Rights Ducks Call for Spyware Moratorium (Gadgets 360)
27-06-19 (15:01)   Android spyware campaign spreads across the Middle East (ZDNet News)
26-06-19 (13:57)   'Legit Apps Turned into Spyware' Targeting Android Users in Middle East (The Hacker News)
19-06-19 (14:39)   UN Surveillance Expert Urges Global Moratorium on Sale of Spyware (Gadgets 360)
21-05-19 (14:02)   Amnesty sues maker of Pegasus, the spyware let in by WhatsApp zero day (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
17-05-19 (08:25)   WhatsApp, Security and Spyware: What Happened (Gadgets 360)
16-05-19 (07:25)   WhatsApp Hack: Israeli Spyware Maker Says It Will Prevent Abuse of Its Hacking Tools (Gadgets 360)
15-05-19 (06:39)   WhatsApp Hack Aided by Spyware Linked to Human Rights Abuses (Gadgets 360)
15-05-19 (00:04)   Commercial Spyware Uses WhatsApp Flaw to Infect Phones (Dark Reading)
14-05-19 (19:19)   First Ring Daily 618: Purple Spyware (Thurrott.com)
14-05-19 (19:12)   Update WhatsApp! Sophisticated attack installs spyware with just a call (Digital Trends)
14-05-19 (15:19)   WhatsApp Users Targeted in Spyware Attack (Thurrott.com)
14-05-19 (13:32)   PSA: Update WhatsApp now to prevent spyware from being installed on your phone (TNW)
14-05-19 (12:30)   Update WhatsApp now: Bug lets snoopers put spyware on your phone with just a call (ZDNet News)
14-05-19 (09:05)   WhatsApp users urged to install app update to patch serious spyware vulnerability (BetaNews)
14-05-19 (08:20)   Update WhatsApp now to avoid spyware installation from a single missed call (TheVerge)
14-05-19 (08:12)   Hackers Used WhatsApp 0-Day Flaw to Secretly Install Spyware On Phones (The Hacker News)
14-05-19 (06:09)   Report: WhatsApp Vulnerability Used to Secretly Infect Phones With NSO Group's Notorious Spyware (Gizmodo)
14-05-19 (04:18)   WhatsApp vulnerability exploited to infect phones with Israeli spyware (Ars Technica)
14-05-19 (04:00)   It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware (The Register)
14-05-19 (03:58)   WhatsApp call exploit let attackers slip spyware on to phones (Engadget)
14-05-19 (03:22)   WhatsApp bug allowed Israeli spyware to infiltrate phones (SlashGear)
14-05-19 (02:26)   WhatsApp vulnerability allowed secretive installation of spyware - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-05-19 (01:34)   WhatsApp exploit let attackers install government-grade spyware on phones (TechCrunch)
16-04-19 (10:26)   Scranos: New Rapidly Evolving Rootkit-Enabled Spyware Discovered (The Hacker News)
10-04-19 (04:45)   Mysterious Hackers Hid Their Swiss Army Spyware for 5 Years (WIRED)
09-04-19 (22:41)   Android spyware Exodus makes the leap to iOS devices (Engadget)
09-04-19 (00:30)   Security researchers discover iOS version of Exodus Android spyware (ZDNet News)
08-04-19 (22:06)   Spyware app abused iOS enterprise certificate to track targets (TheVerge)
08-04-19 (21:59)   'Exodus' Spyware Posed as a Legit iOS App (WIRED)
08-04-19 (17:48)   A powerful spyware app now targets iPhone owners (TechCrunch)
05-04-19 (22:28)   Epic Games' Tim Sweeney addresses Chinese spyware rumor (Gamasutra)
05-04-19 (17:54)   Epic boss debunks spyware and Tencent conspiracy theories (PC Gamer)
02-04-19 (16:02)   Government spyware hidden in Google Play store apps (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
28-03-19 (14:31)   Spyware app exposes private photos, hosting provider steps in (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
25-03-19 (21:29)   Spyware sneaks into 'million-ish' Asus PCs via poisoned software updates, says Kaspersky (The Register)
25-03-19 (20:46)   Spyware sneaks into 'million-plus' Asus PCs via poisoned software updates, says Kaspersky (The Register)
25-03-19 (17:40)   Hacking Lawyers or Journalists Is Totally Fine, Says Notorious Cyberweapons Firm (Gizmodo)
21-03-19 (01:46)   Stop us if you're getting deja-vu: Uber used spyware to nobble dial-a-ride rival, this time Down Under, allegedly (The Register)
06-03-19 (05:54)   Crypto Exchange Coinbase Says It Made a Mistake Buying Italian Firm Linked to Notorious Hacking Team (Gizmodo)
02-03-19 (00:23)   Surprise! Facebook Low-Balled the Percentage of Teens It Paid to Install Spyware (Gizmodo)
01-03-19 (00:48)   Facebook admits 18% of Research spyware users were teens, not (TechCrunch)
22-02-19 (03:34)   Facebook will shut down its spyware VPN app Onavo (TechCrunch)
15-02-19 (18:23)   The Lucrative Government Spyware Industry Has a New 'One-Stop-Shop' for Hacking Everything (Gizmodo)
31-01-19 (06:40)   Sheryl Sandberg: The Teens 'Consented' to Putting Facebook Spyware on Their Phones (Gizmodo)
30-01-19 (08:40)   Facebook Is Paying Teens to Install a 'Research' App That Lets It Monitor Their Phones [Updated] (Gizmodo)
30-12-18 (16:37)   Epic Games Founder Tim Sweeney Fiercely Denies Epic Games Store Sending Data to Chinese Government (DualShockers)
12-12-18 (13:26)   Google CEO testifies, Super Micro says 'no spyware' video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
29-11-18 (22:09)   Legal Threat Looms Over Israeli Cyber Firm Accused of Helping Saudi Spies (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (21:00)   LuminosityLink spyware mastermind gets 30 months in the clink, forfeits $725k in Bitcoin (The Register)
08-09-18 (17:26)   Apple allowed spyware posing as anti-malware tool into its Mac App Store (Digital Trends)
08-09-18 (12:00)   Gits exposed, kinky app devs spanked, Feds spy on spyware buyers, etc (The Register)
07-09-18 (18:54)   Top Apple Mac App Secretly Sends Your Browser History to China, Researcher Finds [Updated] (Gizmodo)
07-09-18 (14:14)   Popular Mac App Adware Doctor Actually Acts Like Spyware (WIRED)
06-09-18 (15:31)   Mobile spyware maker mSpy leaks millions of records - AGAIN (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
06-09-18 (12:56)   Spyware app reportedly leaks millions of its own customers' sensitive records online [Update] (Neowin.net)
06-09-18 (07:09)   mSpy, Which Builds Software to Spy on Phones, Allegedly Leaked Millions of Records (Gizmodo)
05-09-18 (23:48)   Mobile spyware maker leaks 2 million records (TechCrunch)
05-09-18 (23:32)   Spyware-as-a-service firm mSpy exposes customer data in second breach in three years (SC Magazine)
04-09-18 (19:59)   For 2nd Time in 3 Years, Mobile Spyware Maker mSpy Leaks Millions of Sensitive Records (Krebs on Security)
29-08-18 (22:03)   Android spyware BusyGasper has many features, but few known victims (SC Magazine)
23-08-18 (05:54)   Facebook Pulls Its Data-Harvesting Onavo VPN From App Store After Apple Says It Violates Rules (Gizmodo)
03-08-18 (12:31)   Amnesty International spearphished with government spyware (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
02-08-18 (00:23)   Amnesty International Targeted by Israeli-Made Spyware via WhatsApp (Gizmodo)
25-07-18 (23:18)   Snoopware installed by 11 million+ iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox users (Ars Technica)
17-07-18 (01:29)   Revealed in detail: World powers stuff spyware kit, how-to guides in dodgy nations' pockets (The Register)
06-07-18 (15:31)   Employee allegedly stole government spyware and hid it under his bed (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
05-07-18 (17:54)   Hacking Firm's Ex-Employee Made Off With Menacing Spy Tools, Israel Says (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (13:31)   Holy Potatoes! Popular games remove "spyware" after gamers revolt (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
20-06-18 (23:41)   Marketing 'spyware' caught in PC games but makers reject that label (Polygon)
20-05-18 (03:41)   North Korea-linked hackers targeted defectors with Android spyware (Engadget)
07-05-18 (09:12)   Sophisticated Android malware tracks all your phone activities (Engadget)
21-04-18 (00:17)   New Desert Scorpion spyware found in malicious chat app aimed at Palestinians (SC Magazine)
17-04-18 (18:43)   Guild Wars 2 Developers Criticized For Technique Used To Suspend More Than 1,500 Accounts (Kotaku)
02-04-18 (23:17)   Fauxpersky spyware impersonates Kaspersky AV software, abuses AutoHotKey tools (SC Magazine)
27-03-18 (20:03)   U.S. lawmakers ask Mexican government for updates on spyware probe (SC Magazine)
14-03-18 (16:17)   Middleboxes in Turkish telecom redirecting users to nation-state spyware (SC Magazine)
10-03-18 (00:54)   Facebook Launches Another Deceptive 'Security' App Designed to Siphon Your Data [Updated: Facebook Deletes App] (Gizmodo)
09-03-18 (22:00)   Citizen Lab says Sandvine network gear aids government spyware (The Register)
08-03-18 (13:16)   Spyware maker shuts down surveillance services after hacks (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
05-03-18 (17:01)   Microsoft: Windows Defender can now spot FinFisher government spyware (ZDNet News)
24-02-18 (05:00)   Tor pedo's torpedo torpedoed: FBI spyware crossed the line but was in good faith, say judges (The Register)
23-02-18 (13:31)   Hacker claims spyware maker Retina-X has been breached, again (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
22-02-18 (23:46)   Social media and engineering used to spread Tempted Cedar Spyware (SC Magazine)
22-02-18 (11:44)   Hacking group used Facebook lures to trick victims into downloading Android spyware (ZDNet News)
05-02-18 (15:15)   LuminosityLink spyware giving attackers total control of your PC is taken out by cops (ZDNet News)
29-01-18 (14:02)   Cop buys mobile spyware, says he can't remember why (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
25-01-18 (18:46)   Elusive FinFisher spyware can finally be cracked, researchers believe (SC Magazine)
19-01-18 (15:43)   Data-stealing spyware 'traced to Lebanon' (BBC News)
18-01-18 (19:15)   Someone is touting a mobile, PC spyware platform called Dark Caracal to governments (The Register)
18-01-18 (17:06)   Researchers have discovered a new kind of government spyware for hire (TheVerge)
17-01-18 (17:56)   Newly discovered 'Skygofree' is among the most powerful spyware on Android (Neowin.net)
17-01-18 (15:11)   Google to expand massive network, new Android spyware discovered video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
11-01-18 (03:28)   Spyware creator arrested for allegedly creeping on thousands for 13 years (Mashable)
11-01-18 (02:15)   Ohio coder accused of infecting Macs, PCs with webcam, browser spyware for 13 years (The Register)
11-01-18 (01:01)   Prosecutors say Mac spyware stole millions of user images over 13 years (Ars Technica)
09-01-18 (13:31)   Spyware user tracked boyfriend to have him killed by hitman (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
08-12-17 (23:17)   StrongPity2 spyware takes over for FinFisher (SC Magazine)
06-12-17 (21:47)   Exposed: Ethiopia's nefarious, comically bungled spyware campaign (Ars Technica)
06-12-17 (06:14)   Ethiopian Espionage Shows Commercial Spyware Is Out of Control (WIRED)
29-11-17 (18:17)   Tizi spyware made it into Google Play store (SC Magazine)
29-11-17 (16:23)   Did HP really install spyware on PCs? (On MSFT)
28-11-17 (17:19)   HP 'spyware' could be slowing down your laptop or PC (TechRadar)
28-11-17 (16:01)   Google torches this nasty Tizi Android spyware it found on Play Store (ZDNet News)
28-11-17 (14:41)   HP quietly installs system-slowing spyware on its PCs (Engadget)
20-11-17 (18:46)   Germany slaps ban on kids' smartwatches for being 'secret spyware' (The Register)
03-11-17 (14:25)   Albanians view antique communist-era spyware in 'House of Leaves' (Reuters)
17-10-17 (22:32)   Did Israel deliver spyware using Adobe Flash 0-day in Word document? (SC Magazine)
12-10-17 (23:28)   Equifax Credit Assistance Site Served Spyware (Krebs on Security)
22-09-17 (12:44)   ISP involvement suspected in latest FinFisher gov't spyware campaign (ZDNet News)
08-09-17 (23:15)   FBI probing Uber over use of 'Hell' spyware to track rival biz Lyft (The Register)
05-09-17 (20:27)   Lenovo will pay a $3.5 million fine for preinstalling adware on certain laptops (Engadget)
30-08-17 (21:46)   Oh, ambassador! You literally are spoiling us: Super-stealthy spyware hits Euro embassy PCs (The Register)
25-08-17 (20:57)   French firm peddles spyware 'to find out if your son is gay' - CNET (C-Net News.com)
23-08-17 (23:28)   Report: Over 500 Android Apps with Spyware Have Been Removed from Google Play Market (Breitbart.com)
22-08-17 (16:30)   Over 500 Android apps with a combined 100 million downloads found to secretly contain spyware (ZDNet News)
22-08-17 (15:47)   Spyware backdoor prompts Google to pull 500 apps with >100m downloads (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (23:32)   500+ Android apps found containing program that can download spyware plug-in (SC Magazine)
14-08-17 (20:03)   Spyware found in more than 1,000 apps in Google Play store (SC Magazine)
13-08-17 (10:19)   Privacy warning: Android apps infected with SonicSpy spyware can record audio (BetaNews)
12-08-17 (17:18)   Researchers report >4,000 apps that secretly record audio and steal logs (Ars Technica)
11-08-17 (23:43)   1,000+ SonicSpy Apps Spread Fresh Android Spyware (Infosecurity Magazine)
10-08-17 (19:30)   Android app stores flooded with 1,000 spyware apps (ZDNet News)
09-08-17 (02:29)   FBI's spyware-laden video claims another scalp: Alleged sextortionist charged (The Register)
06-08-17 (15:05)   Blu phones return to Amazon after spyware concerns called 'false alarm' (SlashGear)
03-08-17 (19:03)   Pegasus spyware creators, NSO Group, met with DEA (SC Magazine)
03-08-17 (16:03)   Amazon suspends sales of Blu Android phones amid spyware allegations (SC Magazine)
02-08-17 (15:05)   Amazon suspends Blu smartphone sales over spyware concerns (BetaNews)
01-08-17 (20:57)   How to keep yourself safe from Chinese spyware on budget Android phones (Digital Trends)
01-08-17 (20:26)   Blu phones pulled from Amazon over Adups spyware concerns (Digital Trends)
01-08-17 (20:11)   Amazon stops selling Blu phones over spyware worries video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
01-08-17 (02:51)   BLU phones banned on Amazon over spyware concerns (SlashGear)
01-08-17 (01:35)   Amazon suspends sales of Blu phones for including preloaded spyware, again (TheVerge)
28-07-17 (18:16)   Lipizzan spyware linked to cyberarms firm plunders SMS, logs and photos (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
28-07-17 (08:15)   Inside the ongoing fight to stamp out govt-grade Android spyware (The Register)
28-07-17 (04:51)   AdUps Chinese spyware still on Android phones, including Blu (SlashGear)
28-07-17 (01:43)   Google shuts down new Android spyware tied to cyberarms company (Digital Trends)
27-07-17 (14:30)   This Android spyware can record calls, take screenshots and video, targets Gmail, LinkedIn, Snapchat data (ZDNet News)
27-07-17 (13:29)   Google Uncovers Highly Targeted Spyware "Lipizzan" (Infosecurity Magazine)
25-07-17 (03:13)   Creepy spyware has infected Macs for years, and we're only just realizing it now (Mashable)
24-07-17 (21:29)   China crams spyware on phones in Muslim-majority province (The Register)
24-07-17 (20:31)   News in brief: China forces spyware on minority group; farewell to Paint; drones to be regulated (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
24-07-17 (15:00)   Xinjiang Users Arrested over State Spyware Usage (Infosecurity Magazine)
24-07-17 (12:34)   Chinese government forces Xinjiang residents to install spyware on their mobiles (BetaNews)
21-07-17 (11:42)   China forces its Muslim minority to install spyware on their phones (Mashable)
19-07-17 (21:05)   Top 5 best business anti-malware and anti-spyware software in 2017 (TechRadar)
19-07-17 (19:03)   U.N. experts seek halt to use of spyware in Mexico and want full probe (Reuters)
10-07-17 (22:32)   Spyware used on investigators probing missing students in Mexico: report (Reuters)
21-06-17 (19:16)   Commercial spyware unleashed against Mexican political activists (Nakedsecurity Sophos)
20-06-17 (21:03)   Mexican government used spyware for surveillance on activists, lawyers, journalists (SC Magazine)
20-06-17 (14:00)   Mexican Government Accused of Targeting Journos with Spyware (Infosecurity Magazine)
20-06-17 (01:28)   Someone is sending spyware after Mexican journalists and lawyers (Mashable)
19-06-17 (17:06)   Mexican journalists targeted by spyware after investigating government corruption (TheVerge)
13-06-17 (00:00)   Spyware- and Ransomware-as-a-Service Target Macs (Infosecurity Magazine)
20-05-17 (14:54)   WikiLeaks releases CIA spyware, known as Athena, that targets all Windows versions from XP to 10 (On MSFT)
12-05-17 (12:04)   HP promises fix to remove keylogger spyware installed on laptops (The Inquirer)
05-05-17 (15:05)   More than half of people believe using spyware to snoop on family members is legal (BetaNews)
25-04-17 (08:15)   Uber sued by ex-Lyft driver tormented by app maker's 'Hell' spyware (The Register)
22-04-17 (03:04)   There's now a tool to test for NSA spyware (PCWorld.com)
21-04-17 (20:26)   Spyware living in Google Play Store lets hackers control your phone via SMS (Digital Trends)
20-04-17 (16:30)   Location tracking Android spyware found in Google Play store (ZDNet News)
19-04-17 (02:46)   Oracle patches Solaris 10 hole exploited by NSA spyware tool ? and 298 other security bugs (The Register)
13-04-17 (16:46)   Callisto Group snoopers wreak havoc with leaked HackingTeam spyware (The Register)
06-04-17 (14:14)   Total-Takeover iPhone Spyware Lurks on Android, Too (WIRED)
04-04-17 (14:15)   Android beware: State-backed Pegasus spyware is found using phones to eavesdrop and grab data (ZDNet News)
04-04-17 (03:04)   Notorious iOS spyware has an Android sibling (PCWorld.com)
02-04-17 (19:09)   Verizon Insists That It Isn't Going to Install Spyware on All of Its Android Phones (Gizmodo)
31-03-17 (21:41)   EFF: Verizon will install spyware on all its Android phones (update) (Engadget)
31-03-17 (19:40)   EFF withdraws Verizon spyware claims - CNET (C-Net News.com)
24-03-17 (20:57)   Apple says it took care of CIA spyware vulnerabilities years ago (Digital Trends)
26-01-17 (13:33)   Viruses and spyware found in Android VPN software (The Inquirer)
20-01-17 (18:05)   Meitu pleads complete innocence against spyware claims (BetaNews)
20-01-17 (11:19)   Privacy warning: Meitu photo app is spyware sharing your phone's data (BetaNews)
23-12-16 (10:39)   Lithuania said found Russian spyware on its government computers (Reuters)
22-12-16 (19:23)   Barnes & Noble's Cheapo Nook Came Loaded With Spyware (Gizmodo)
19-12-16 (05:05)   "Find my Phone" is an interesting documentary that uses spyware to track a stolen smartphone (PhoneArena)
02-12-16 (20:05)   BLU Products switches from ADUPS Chinese spyware to Google OTA app (PhoneArena)
03-11-16 (13:19)   Off-the-shelf Android spyware targets high level executives (BetaNews)
02-09-16 (23:03)   Spyware, Mickey Finns, And "Roger's Angels" Role Playing ? Ailes' Latest Smackdown By Gabe Sherman In New York Magazine (Deadline.com)
02-09-16 (15:09)   Update OS X Right Now or You Could Get Some Nasty Spyware (Gizmodo)
26-08-16 (11:19)   Apple patches three zero-day exploits following 'sophisticated' spyware threat (The Inquirer)
26-08-16 (00:13)   Apple releases iOS 9.3.5 to prevent spyware from tracking all your data (Mashable)
25-08-16 (21:07)   Apple tackles iPhone one-tap spyware flaws (BBC News)
08-08-16 (16:50)   'Sauron' spyware attacking targets in Belgium, China, Russia and Sweden (The Inquirer)
08-08-16 (13:56)   New spyware detected targeting firms in Russia, China: Symantec (Reuters)
30-07-16 (15:39)   Russia says spyware found in state computer networks (Reuters)
16-10-15 (12:06)   Uganda government used advanced spyware to 'crush' opposition, report says (TheVerge)
17-09-15 (16:19)   Poker cheating Odlanor spyware gets caught out counting cards (The Inquirer)
31-08-15 (11:50)   What you missed in tech last week: Amazon spyware, Wileyfox, Windows 10 piracy (The Inquirer)
28-08-15 (06:56)   Malicious Android spyware creator faces up to 10 years in prison (Neowin.net)
05-08-15 (06:07)   VIDEO: The spyware spooks use to hack mobiles (BBC News)
08-07-15 (16:40)   Hacking Team's Lame Excuse for Selling Digital Weapons to Sudan (Gizmodo)
07-07-15 (18:49)   The hack that took down a global spyware vendor (TheVerge)
07-07-15 (01:09)   Hack Exposes What an Utter Piece of Shit This Spyware Company Is (Gizmodo)
06-07-15 (12:06)   Hacking Team spyware company hacked, embarrassing emails revealed (TheVerge)
16-06-15 (14:03)   Kaspersky says Iran talks spyware masqueraded under Foxconn name (Reuters)
22-05-15 (10:36)   Spyware app admits it has been hacked (BBC News)
21-05-15 (18:23)   NSA Planned to Sneak-Attack App Stores to Put Spyware on Smartphones (Gizmodo)
15-05-15 (19:09)   Hackers Broke Into a Spying App and Stole Data (Gizmodo)
16-04-15 (01:40)   The DEA Is Buying Off-the-Shelf Spyware From a Sketchy Company  (Gizmodo)
15-04-15 (23:49)   The DEA is spending millions of dollars on spyware (TheVerge)
02-04-15 (18:09)   The FBI Has Its Own Secret Brand of Malware  (Gizmodo)
26-02-15 (19:20)   FinFisher spyware violated human rights guidelines, says UK watchdog (TheVerge)
24-02-15 (19:20)   The NSA's SIM heist could have given it the power to plant spyware on any phone (TheVerge)
24-02-15 (02:14)   Twelve More Apps Use Spyware-Linked Library (IGN.com)
24-02-15 (00:09)   Lenovo CTO: We Have No Intention Of Shipping a Superfish Product Again (Gizmodo)
23-02-15 (19:39)   NSA chief declines comment on spyware reports, says programs lawful (Reuters)
23-02-15 (11:19)   What you missed in tech last week: Spyware, adware and Raspberry Pi sales (The Inquirer)
19-02-15 (19:45)   Worried about Lenovo's pre-installed spyware? Here's how to remove Superfish from PCs (Pocket-lint)
19-02-15 (19:29)   Lenovo Laptops Came Intentionally Pre-Loaded With Spyware (IGN.com)
19-02-15 (13:36)   Lenovo in row over hidden spyware (BBC News)
17-02-15 (23:14)   Is Your Hard Drive Hiding NSA Spyware? (IGN.com)
17-02-15 (10:56)   US gov creates spyware that invades the firmware of HDDs (Neowin.net)
30-01-15 (17:09)   How the Hell Are These Popular Spying Apps Not Illegal? (Gizmodo)
22-12-14 (18:29)   Cheap spyware used by stalkers (BBC News)
25-11-14 (10:09)   Report: Regin Spyware Linked to U.S. and U.K Intelligence Services (Gizmodo)
24-11-14 (16:22)   'Stealthy' spyware program uncovered (BBC News)
24-11-14 (10:36)   New computer spyware discovered (BBC News)
23-11-14 (23:40)   Meet Regin, Super Spyware That's Been Attacking Computers for Years (Gizmodo)
20-11-14 (18:50)   Detekt software tool scans for surveillance spyware (The Inquirer)
07-08-14 (13:27)   Gamma International, a company which produces spyware software for governments, has been hacked (Neowin.net)
05-08-14 (16:35)   The FBI is tracking Tor users with spyware and a new kind of warrant (TheVerge)
04-07-14 (10:19)   Kaspersky tracks the return of Miniduke spyware (The Inquirer)
19-06-14 (14:19)   Ebay pulls N9500 Chinese spyware phone from auction website (The Inquirer)
18-06-14 (18:07)   eBay pulls sales of 'spyware phones' (BBC News)
22-04-14 (17:23)   The Scam Hunter: What It's Like to Track Internet Bad Guys For a Living (Gizmodo)
13-03-14 (17:09)   Dear Creepers: You Can Buy a Smartphone Pre-Loaded With Spyware Now (Gizmodo)
13-03-14 (10:18)   Agent.BTZ spyware hit Europe hard after U.S. military attack: security firm (Reuters)
12-03-14 (22:18)   NSA 'hijacked' criminal botnets to install spyware (Reuters)
08-03-14 (04:32)   Suspected Russian spyware Turla targets Europe, United States (Reuters)
19-02-14 (10:09)   How an American Sued the Ethiopian Government for Spyware Infection (Gizmodo)
30-12-13 (23:09)   A Peek Inside the NSA's Spy Gear Catalog (Gizmodo)
29-12-13 (21:10)   NSA intercepting PC shipments to install spyware (Neowin.net)
23-11-13 (19:40)   Report: NSA Put Spyware on Over 50,000 Networks Worldwide (Gizmodo)
22-11-13 (03:07)   The new meaning of spyware (BBC News)
05-09-13 (02:35)   Julian Assange is tracking the movements of 19 spyware contractors (TheVerge)
17-07-13 (15:23)   All It Took to Hijack Google Glass Was a Dumb QR Code (Gizmodo)
09-07-13 (13:56)   Bitdefender: Free apps are the 'equivalent of [smartphone] spyware' (Neowin.net)
21-06-13 (06:18)   Exclusive: Spyware claims emerge in row over Chinese dissident at NYU (Reuters)
01-05-13 (19:22)   Spyware 'hiding' under Firefox brand (BBC News)
26-04-13 (16:20)   Judge denies FBI request to hijack suspect's PC using spyware (TheVerge)
25-03-13 (14:04)   Richard Stallman says Ubuntu Linux is 'spyware' (The Inquirer)
13-08-12 (20:49)   Latest threats list. Panda Security. (Panda Software)
13-06-11 (15:56)   Man accused of planting spyware to photograph women (Reuters)
09-06-11 (02:25)   California man accused of planting spyware to photograph women (Reuters)
11-12-09 (20:20)   ISP WideOpen West in Giant Spyware Scheme, Suit Says (XBiz)
01-08-09 (17:05)   Contempt Charges Levied Against Notorious Spyware Marketers (XBiz)
22-07-09 (19:53)   BlackBerry maker: UAE partner's update was spyware (Associated Press)
17-06-09 (16:18)   Banbra.GIM - Trojan (Panda Software)
16-06-09 (16:18)   MSNWorm.GM - Worm (Panda Software)
16-06-09 (12:18)   FastAntivirus2009 - Adware (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (15:18)   Snapper.C - Worm (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (14:18)   Banbra.GII - Trojan (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-027 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-026 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-025 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-024 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-023 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-022 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-021 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-020 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-019 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-06-09 (08:49)   MS09-018 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
10-06-09 (10:49)   XPDeluxeProtector - Adware (Panda Software)
04-06-09 (16:49)   Sinowal.WHZ - Trojan (Panda Software)
02-06-09 (17:49)   AntivirusDoktor - Adware (Panda Software)
28-05-09 (12:49)   MSNWorm.GI - Worm (Panda Software)
27-05-09 (10:18)   KillAV.KP - Trojan (Panda Software)
26-05-09 (10:03)   PasswordStealer.BM - Worm (Panda Software)
22-05-09 (08:49)   Joleee.F - Worm (Panda Software)
19-05-09 (18:03)   IRCBot.CNK - Worm (Panda Software)
18-05-09 (17:18)   Autorun.IYQ - Worm (Panda Software)
14-05-09 (16:49)   Boface.BJ - Worm (Panda Software)
13-05-09 (16:49)   IRCBot.CNE - Worm (Panda Software)
13-05-09 (14:18)   MS09-017 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
12-05-09 (13:18)   BckPatcher.C - Worm (Panda Software)
07-05-09 (14:18)   EvilHot.A - Trojan (Panda Software)
06-05-09 (18:18)   CoreGuard2009 - Adware (Panda Software)
05-05-09 (16:03)   Kobcka.A - Trojan (Panda Software)
29-04-09 (16:18)   Rimecud.B - Worm (Panda Software)
28-04-09 (18:49)   EggDrop.AA - Worm (Panda Software)
28-04-09 (11:18)   SillyBAT.A - Worm (Panda Software)
22-04-09 (15:49)   AVAntispyware - Adware (Panda Software)
21-04-09 (17:49)   Waledac.AX - Worm (Panda Software)
20-04-09 (17:18)   SMSlock.A - Trojan (Panda Software)
17-04-09 (14:49)   IRCBot.CML - Worm (Panda Software)
17-04-09 (12:18)   PersonalAntivirus - Trojan (Panda Software)
16-04-09 (18:49)   MS09-016 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
16-04-09 (18:49)   MS09-015 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
16-04-09 (18:49)   MS09-014 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)
16-04-09 (18:49)   MS09-013 - Vulnerability (Panda Software)

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